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Earth Review

"My hair was so so so dry before using Earth. I also followed the wash day tips on your highlights + it definitely made a difference. My hair has never been so moisturised after a wash day.Thank you"

- Susan

Tree Review

"I used Tree overnight and when i tell you it was amazing! I loved the way the product felt in my hands. my hair felt so soft, the curls were more defined and bouncy. Thank you so much"

Eseb Face mask Review

"It was great! it dries quite quickly so i would try + put it on as fast as possible but once I washed it off my skin felt SO smooth!!! I have sensitive skin but my skin didn't react to it" 

- Rachelle

Eden Butter Review

"I have noticed a significant change in my hair and beard texture. It is softer than before and much easier to comb through"

- Nifemi

Mayim Review

"The Mayim oil is MAGNIFICENT I've only just used it on my brow and eyelashes + literally seen growth from the first day" 

- Gifty