Garden Kit

Everything you need to grow + maintain your garden, We have included the essentials: 

- Eden butter: Whipped to perfection before the fall that is. This mousse like light butter cream upon application melts instantly with a whiff of vanilla. The ultimate hair food, ensuring your hair is moisturised for a long duration. 

A little goes a long way to Eden and back (if you can find it). Can be used on hair, beard and skin. 

Handmade + 100% natural. 

Ingredients: shea+mango butter. manuka honey. aloe vera. oils (coconut, olive, rosehip, vitamin e, caster, grapeseed, sweet almond, argan, peppermint). vanilla.

150 ml 

MayimMayim (מַיִם) translates as water in Hebrew. ⁣

Our growth oil has been named as such NOT because it has been watered down, but because it gives life when applied.⁣

Mayim can be used directly on the scalp, beard and even on the skin. ⁣

Apply as often + where desired. Mayim is essential!⁣

Handmade + 100% Natural ⁣

Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Aloe vera, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rosehip oil, Natural vitamin E, Cater oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender (buds soaked and removed for effectiveness) + Vanilla. ⁣

100ml ⁣

-Tree: is an oak like shade with a mousse like texture which can be used as a deep conditioner and also as a leave in, ensuring that every single hair strand is coated thoroughly. 

Handmade + 100% Natural ⁣

Known to promote growth and keep hair hydrated

Apply post wash, for about 30 minutes to an hour (Yes! you can have it in over night).  To reduce consistency place in a warm water bath before application. 

opt washing out to use as a leave in conditioner. 

Ingredients: Shea + mango butter, manuka honey, neem, amla, shikaka, brahmi, aloe vera, oils (coconut, olive, rosehip, avocado, vitamin e, caster, grapeseed, sweet almond, argan, peppermint). vanilla, water+ phenoxyethanol (natural preservative).

250 ml