About Us

EST. 2020 

Hair garden was a God given thought, a dream birthed into a reality. 

From a university accommodation kitchen to an online store, our goal remains the same; transforming hair care with handmade products. Nothing beats simple, yet beneficial products with immediate results. 

Our products are packed with natural ingredients, only active ingredients for natural hair. With unique names that tell a story from Eden butter to Mayim growth oil.

So let us prune your garden, may we be the root of hair strands sprouting from your scalp. Tending for each hair strand regardless of texture or porosity. 

All of our products are NOT tested on animals, we are aiming to include measures which will give back to the very system that provides our ingredients. 

So shop, share or simply be inspired. We hope to bring solutions; promoting hair growth, softer hair and healthier hair.

Wash days should be enjoyed + hair care is vital so let us care for it. 

Thank you